Model of Service

Sisters Place housing programs are supplemented with a supportive services model that we call the Incentive Based Program. This model of service is rooted in empowerment and encourages parent/guardian participation in programming and community activities and helps them develop a sense of their own “earning power”.  Activities are given a value in Sisters Place Bucks (SPBs) based on the importance and difficulty of completing those activities.  Items available as incentives from Sisters Place are assigned a value in SPBs.  These items are leveraged to promote program participation and individual goal attainment.  For example, when a parent/guardian completes a core curriculum of six classes (Budgeting, Wellness/Self-Care, Parenting/Education, Resources/Referrals, Housekeeping and How to Fix-It) they will have the opportunity to “purchase” a vacuum cleaner, microwave and microwave stand, and other household goods.  After the core curriculum classes are completed, other opportunities for participants to continue earning SPBs are made available.  Participants are then able to redeem their SPBs at “The Loft” a non-cash shopping area where families can purchase desired household and personal care items with their SPBs.