Obtain Housing

Sisters Place is not an emergency shelter.  

If you are experiencing or at risk of homelessness or wishes to be considered for the Sisters Place Supportive Housing Program, please call the Allegheny Link at 1-866-730-236 to find stable housing.

This number is answered between 8am and 7pm Monday through Friday.  All housing programs funded by the Department of Housing and Urban Development in Allegheny County, including Sisters Place, receive their referrals for housing from the Allegheny Link.

The Empowerment Housing Program is a transitional housing program for families that do not meet HUD homelessness definitions and/or qualify for HUD funded housing.  Sisters Place receives direct referrals from allied professionals and the community to assist these families.  Parent(s)/guardian(s) must be working and/or attending school, may or may not have a disability, and may have an undocumented status.  Acceptance into this program is subject to an intake interview. Please call 412-233-3903 to learn more. Availability is based on funding and acceptance into this program is subject to an intake interview.

If you are in need of emergency housing or additional resources contact the United Way.  You can reach the United Way by dialing 211 on your telephone or by visiting pa211sw.org.  You can also find contact information for local Allegheny County government offices here.

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