Focus on Children

Kids are our focus in these programs which promote education, family activities, and in-home support services to help parents strengthen their parenting skills and improve family interactions. It is another example of how we’re able to establish safer, healthier home environments that spark the transition to self-sufficiency.

 Focus on Children

Child Development and Education Specialists work with the children at Sisters Place.  We recognize that the chaos of homelessness disrupts a child’s developmental and academic progress. Through our Together Time Group, After School Program, Summer Camp and Teen Group every effort is made to help the children on an individual basis. Opportunities to learn, to explore, and to discover talents are integral to the program’s developmental and educational curriculum.

The after school program and summer camp are available to all school-aged children (ages 6-12). The After School Program offers computer classes, tutoring, help with homework, and a lending library. Our summer camp provides six weeks of learning opportunities through field trips, science camp, music and art appreciation, and swimming.

View a slideshow created with pictures and quotes from the children.

Read more about the Clairton Collaborative between Sisters Place, the Homeless Children’s Education Fund and the Clairton City School ~ an exemplary model to approach homeless children’s education.

Happy Child

“Is this really for me?”

– 6 year old eyeing his first birthday cake

“This is the first time my child was ready for school on day one.”

– A mom grateful for the clothing, backpack and supplies provided