Our mission is to assist families toward self-sufficiency by providing housing and supportive services.  We have two housing programs for families experiencing homelessness, Permanent Housing and Empowerment Housing.  Intensive case management, child development/education advocacy and supportive services are also vital parts of our service model.  Over the past 25 years our organization has weathered many storms including major HUD funding decreases, policy shifts related to the definition of homelessness, and new homeless assistance approaches.

Historically we have served single mothers with children, however in the past few years we have opened our programming to support single fathers, two-parent families, and families with other configurations (children raised by grandparents, etc.).  We are able to serve up to 32 families at this time.

Our Permanent Housing program supports 27 of these families and their housing is partially subsidized by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).  Referrals for this program come from a coordinated intake process facilitated by Allegheny Link (1-866-730-2368).  Families are referred to us who are street or chronically homeless that have a parent with a disability.

Our Empowerment Housing program serves up to 5 families and is privately funded.  This is a transitional housing program for families that do not meet HUD homelessness definitions and/or qualify for HUD funded housing.  We receive direct referrals from allied professionals and the community to assist these families.  Parent(s)/guardian(s) must be working and/or attending school, may or may not have a disability, and may have an undocumented status.  Acceptance into this program is subject to an intake interview.  Unfortunately, we are not accepting new referrals for this program at this time due to funding constraints.