Sisters Place faithfully provides opportunities for individuals to overcome poverty and homelessness through empowerment, wellness, and personal and professional advancement services.

Sisters Place programming has been two-generation (2Gen) since 1996 and we can document the efficacy of helping every age group in a family that has experienced homelessness.

Our programming encompasses three service pillars that are made available to all of our clients (residential and non-residential):

Empowerment: supporting clients with meeting basic needs

Wellness: mental and physical health as well as addiction and recovery assistance and referrals

Advancement: resources for GED prep, college, trade school, apprenticeships and more

Sisters Place strives to be a collaborative community asset that eliminates barriers to success for those experiencing poverty and homelessness.  We believe that in order to effectively disrupt the cycles of poverty and homelessness – self-care, financial literacy, and parenting skills need to be enhanced, past traumas need to be recognized, mental health and addiction need to be managed, and home life needs to be stabilized.