2014 Resident Satisfaction Survey

Each year Sisters Place asks our residents about the quality and quantity of services that they have received from us over the past year. We use this anonymous feedback to make improvements where necessary or possible, to continue offering services that they say are important to them, and to try to learn what more we might be able to do that we do not currently do.

28/31 residents reported that the supportive services / affordable housing you they have received has been "Very Helpful".

28/31 residents reported that the supportive services / affordable housing they have received has been “Very Helpful”.

What would you improve? Why is improvement needed? How would you improve it?

“nothing! Good to go!”
“I wouldn’t improve anything!”
“ I need to show up to groups more often. I don’t attend enough!”
“I love the program. I believe that any personal needs are met at the best of Sisters Place’s ability.”
“ the childcare that’s available”
“Could we have babysitters in our homes? Sometimes I have to look for a sitter and my siblings have nowhere to watch my kids and I can’t afford to call off for work.”
“too many home visits from case management. Should be twice a month.”
“The implementation of programs for pre-school kids.”
“My accountability, finances, and I need to keep working hard.”
“I really appreciate all the help I receive from Sisters Place. This is a good program and I’m really blessed to be in it!”
“This program is GREAT”
“When you request something, you get a response – appreciate help with diapers and wipes”
“More communication between residents. I don’t know more than half the people here.”
“Would like to have a before school program to allow me a bit more work flexibility”
“no comment-no improvement needed.”

Would you recommend Sisters Place to other homeless parents? Why or why not?
29/31 residents answered “YES”

“SP helps you get on your feet and get everything you need.”
“Already have recommended”
“I have; tell people all the time how great the program is and recommend all the time.”
“They help families with older male children so that the families can stay together! Lots of support and help”
“Because it is very helpful – lots of resources” “They have been nothing but helpful to me in my time of need.”
“Very helpful to me” I have already recommended it. It’s very helpful for all areas of living.”
“program is great and helps so much”
“very helpful to me”
“Sisters Place has been a support system in a way I have never had.”
“It has been a God sent to me. Very helpful, encouraging and supportive.”
“I would recommend because they help you get on your feet and get everything you need.”
“Because it’s an amazing program that has helped my children and myself so much”
“Sometime there’s no other choice and there’s a lot of benefit here”
“Because homeless people need help getting themselves together.”
“very good support”
“Because it’s a wonderful program so far.”
“Because it is a Blessing”