At Sisters Place we are proud of the excellent success that our residents experience.  Our staff work closely with our residents to help them to achieve goals and make plans for their future.  Milestones are celebrated and shared here – as each day is a new day to celebrate our triumphs together!


In 2017 we assisted 53 families, including 101 children.  Of these families, 75% maintained or obtained permanent housing.  Some of the transitions were from our Transitional Housing program to our Permanent Housing Program and others included moving on to private residences with Section 8 Vouchers.  One of the benefits to residents when they transition from Sisters Place programming successfully is that they can take all of the furnishings and household goods from their unit at Sisters Place to their new Permanent Housing location.  This helps them to begin their life in their new home on a more stable footing.  We will also assist them when they move if they need help.  This can really ease the stress of a family when they take that next big step forward.

40% of parents became employed full or part time and 30% of parents increased their household income.  4 parents continued their post-secondary education and we are happy to share that 2 graduated. We encourage every adult and child to work on educational goals and for adults to obtain employment goals as soon as possible if they are able.

In addition to employment and education priorities, helping parents to increase their self-sufficiency is vital to their future success.  We offer recovery groups facilitated by a Certified Addictions Counselor. We also provide parenting, housekeeping, budgeting and self-care training opportunities for parents.  Some of these programs are facilitated by our staff while others are brought to residents by our partner organizations.  Our Case Managers and Child Development & Education Specialists work with each individual to customize attainable goals and then celebrate victories as they get closer to and achieve their goals.